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Dear Sea Crest Families,

Sea Crest has always been a place where students engage curiosity, express creativity, act with compassion, and lead with courage. We are a small school that puts our students at the center of everything we do. We provide them with a community to build a strong academic foundation, grow in self-awareness and develop their own voice to advocate for themselves and those around them. Our program focuses on the developmental stage of each child with an exciting and enriching project-based learning curriculum that empowers our graduates to take risks and make a positive impact on the world around them.

While COVID continues to give us many moments to pivot, adjust and think outside the box, we have been able to sprinkle our school with many moments to build community, foster connections, bring back old traditions, and start new ones: the welcome fair on the first day of school (where parents walk onto campus greeting each other, taking photos and meeting teachers), the Halloween carnival, the Stone Soup lunch, the Winter Concert and Spring Musical (The Little Mermaid last year!). We also provide our students with many outdoor learning experiences including camping in Yosemite, field trips in our town, trips to coastal beaches, and overnights at Camp Sea Lab, Gold Country, and Washington DC.

Sports continue to be alive and thriving at Sea Crest with teams playing over 14 different sports in the SSIL, Small School Intermediate League. We have our new Marine Science program, complete with a lab and off-campus outdoor learning. Each day, the Sea Crest faculty is eager to show up, dive in, teach and learn. Collectively, they burst at the seams with creativity to find new ways to connect, collaborate and engage with their students. The board of trustees continued to lead with a clear voice, vision, and support for the work we do each day.

Connections with our wonderful town of Half Moon Bay and its many amazing organizations are important to us. We support ALAS, Coastside Pride, Table of Plenty, Coastside Hope, Senior Coastsiders, Healthy Kids Fair, and steward Poplar Beach. In celebration of our town, Sea Crest hosts the children’s corner at Night of Lights and is gifting HMB with a commemorative marine science-themed mural this fall. 

Most importantly our students. They come to school each day a little wiser, more experienced, open to new ideas, and growing in maturity and in height. We watch them have good days and bad, get 100% and fail, laugh uncontrollably and cry their eyes out. Childhood happens in a blink of an eye and we watch the micro developments and the giant steps. We thank you for sharing your children with us.

On this website, you will learn more about our departmental articulation and our own institutional “why”. You will learn about the enriching programs that are offered to each student, the commitment we have made to environmental stewardship through our newly launched Marine Science program, and our continued commitment to supporting each child’s unique learning.

Best regards,

Lauren Miller
Head of School